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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a therapeutic approach which has been shown to be efficacious in the treatment of multiple emotional and behavioral conditions. CBT is a structured therapy that focused on the interplay between your thought, feelings, and behaviors. Through an exploration of your beliefs about yourself, the world, and your future, and how these beliefs impact your interactions with others, problematic patterns are identified. Treatment is focused on exploring and modifying these interactions to find more adaptive strategies for managing painful thoughts and feelings.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a type of behavioral therapy that is based on the concept that oftentimes, we do not have control over what we think or how we feel, and that our attempts to "control" or "push away" painful thoughts and feelings not only saps out physical and emotional strength, but also has the unintended consequence of pulling us away from living our lives by the values that matter most to us. ACT is founded on the idea of promoting the acceptance of painful internal experiences while making the commitment to act in a manner that is consistent with our values, which may ultimately lead to to more rewarding and meaningful life. 

Mindfulness, which is often described as "contact with the present moment", is an effective tool to increase one's engagement and awareness in the "now". Often, when we struggle with anxiety about the future , or lament the pains of the past, it results in difficulty finding meaning and enjoyment in the present. The practice of mindfulness promotes a purposeful and non-judgmental attention to our thoughts, feelings, and sensations, to create a space for acceptance and openness to our experiences. Mindfulness has been demonstrated to be effective in addressing multiple facets of our lives to increase our overall quality of life. 

Sex Therapy is a therapeutic approach that focuses on cognitive, behavioral, and psychoeducational skills to improve the quality of your sex life. Sometimes, treatment may only require a few sessions focused on correcting misinformation or some of the "myths" about sexual functioning. Other times, treatment may require more work utilizing cognitive and behavioral strategies, such as relaxation training, mindfulness, and challenging negative thoughts about sex or sexual  performance. Or perhaps it may involve a deeper exploration of  the sexual self, your views of sex, or past traumas, which may impact your sexual experience or connection with your partner. Sex Therapy may also focus on finding workable strategies to manage existing medical problems which may impact your sexual functioning. Referrals for medical evaluations or treatment are available as necessary.

Gottman Method Couples Therapy is a treatment approach developed by Drs. John and Julie Gottman which focuses on building a couple's knowledge and understanding of their partner's experience, improving respect, affection, and effective communication, and assisting a couple in working together in creating shared meaning. This treatment approach also utilizes a comprehensive self-report evaluation of a couple's strengths and weaknesses, as well as joint and individual assessments, to identify the specific areas in your relationship that may be contributing to relationship difficulties. 



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